For all societies to effectively work there must be certain “influences” or “pillars” in place. These pillars sustain a healthy system for its citizens to thrive. Christians should be at the “top” of each of these influences in order for “true transformation” to take place.

These influences/pillars are Business, Education, Family, Art & Entertainment, Media, Faith/Religion and Government.

Business- demonstrates the economic strength of a society

Education- demonstrates the quality of advancement and innovation of a society.

Family- is very important for the legacy, resilience and sustainability of people and values

Arts & Entertainment- A&E carries a message (good or bad) and frames how people think

Media- as A&E frames the way people think and also “report” on various levels of influences

Government- deals with policies and laws which are meant to keep citizens


Faith-faith brings wisdom, peace, strategies and unity, among other things to bring a true transformation to a society


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