The Importance of Marketplace Leaders

 The Church as a whole has stayed within the five-fold ministry walls of being a Apostle, Pastor, Prophet, Evangelist or Teacher.

This position as a Five-Fold leader is effective for the edifying of the Church and also for spiritually overseeing those within their ministries. It is not to say that some have not come into the "Daniel Principle”, which is knowing how to enter other spheres of influences outside of the Church walls such as the government and business. The Church as a whole has not utilized the power of those who are in their congregations who are “marketplace leaders” to their fullest.

Marketplace leaders are those who have a call on their life to walk in righteousness, ordained to serve God, and have a Kingdom message consisting of salvation, righteousness, right judgment, peace, love, compassion, excellence and displaying the heart of the Father through their “workplace” interactions. They are Presidents, Governors, clerical assistants, janitors or anyone who is working in positions other than those within the five-fold ministry.

They are “valuable” to our society and touch every level of what could be great societal change. They are elementary and high school teachers. They are CEO’s of companies who have a passion to serve Christ but may not know how to “transfer” the knowledge of what they have learned in the House of God to the secular world to make an impact in their environments.

Training must be administered to those in the marketplace that do not find themselves in the position of five-fold ministry but could be used  to effectively touch many lives that go untapped everyday in the marketplace.

What is Marketplace Christianity?

One Definition - Those who are "equipped and commissioned...who have the authority in the cities to impact their spheres of influence for Jesus Christ.

" Os Hillman, "The 9 to 5 Window"

Another Definition - Being a bridge builder between the boardroom and the prayer room, with simple principles that bring eternal meaning back into the daily experience of each employee/co-worker.  Mike Bickle

                                    Where Do You Fit?

There is much emphasis on the spiritual gifts within the body of Christ pertaining to building ministries (evangelism, spiritual leadership training, feeding the homeless, etc). We acknowledge the Word of God that is pertaining to each of these ministries. We also acknowledge that everyone that is called of God will NOT have pulpit ministries. That leads us to look holistically at the body of Christ to say “what about the others”? An overwhelming number of Christians are walking away from the House of God because they are feeling displaced, wondering if they fit in. Some question whether God knew what He was doing when He made them with their particular talents.

                                        Let’s Us Be Clear

We are not suggesting the separation of the five-fold ministers (Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and Teachers) and those who minister or work in the marketplace. We are suggesting that there should be mutual understanding of both and we should seek how to merge the two in forging a formidable force for the Kingdom mandate. We all have been called to be “ministers” of the Word of God through Christ Jesus.

We, as the body of Christ, are coming into the understanding and revelation concerning the value of marketplace leaders and are welcoming the gifts of the marketplace ministers to the body of Christ like we have never seen before!

There is an enormous amount of teaching on the five-fold ministry (Eph. 4:11). Much of the teaching pertains to the restoration of these ministries to the Church.

The good news for those that are not called into the five-fold ministry is that you “do fit” and you are valuable in the plan of God and God will use you in the marketplace.

Coach Howard Falcon is the CEO of The Believer’s Boot Camp located in Baltimore Maryland. He is a passionate Christian in the marketplace. He has written a book called “Think and Live Healthy” which is a book for men and women that shows how wellness involves practical ways to effectively bring healthy balance and change to your life. Does wellness matter to you? What does "wellness" really mean? Think and Live Healthy provides simple lessons and gives you information to equip you for your new change. Do you know that you can have a balanced life emotionally, mentally, spiritually, physically and even in your environment. This book should also inspire you to implement a confidence building exercise routine. By taking 21 days to build a foundation of exercise, as well as mental and spiritual habits, you can change your life from stressful living to a de-stressed lifestyle.

Coach Falcon is a native from Baltimore Maryland. His passion is to see people make a holistic change in their lifestyle. He is married with three children.

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