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For all societies to effectively work there must be certain “influences” or “pillars” in place. These pillars sustain a healthy system for its citizens to thrive. Christians should be at the “top” of each of these influences in order for “true transformation” to take place.

These influences/pillars are Business, Education, Family, Art & Entertainment, Media, Faith/Religion and Government.

Business- demonstrates the economic strength of a society

Education- demonstrates the quality of advancement and innovation of a society.

Family- is very important for the legacy, resilience and sustainability of people and values

Arts & Entertainment- A&E carries a message (good or bad) and frames how people think

Media- as A&E frames the way people think and also “report” on various levels of influences

Government- deals with policies and laws which are meant to keep citizens


Faith-faith brings wisdom, peace, strategies and unity, among other things to bring a true transformation to a society


We pray that the Lord will raise up godly leaders and bring Daniel's to bring counsel to all leaders.


We encourage all leaders in the marketplace to become a part of the economic development of their city, state or nation.


At the CORE of every society is the FAMILY. God's formula for reproduction is the male and the female. GOD's plan is morality  and strength through the family.

We pray for godly leaders to have a seat at the table of planning to implement right judgements, widsom and integral policies.

Knowledge is essential to understanding the depth and the width of all things. Your feet  can never go where your where your mind has not been.


We pray for creative Christian leadership that would express the gospel in practical, innovative and entertaining ways.



Knowledge is essential to understanding the depth and the width of all things. Your feet can never go where your where your mind has not been. We pray for our educators, that they will walk in the presence of God and walk with Wisdom to be able to see great leaders as they are mentored through their teachings.



Prayers for the 7 Spheres of Influence



You are VALUABLE right where you are! Are you a Doctor, Lawyer, Governor, Teacher, Inventor, CEO, etc., called by God?

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 The G-Level Experience

What is the G-Level Experience? It is about  godly and strategic planning, capacity building,  promotion, worship, and the anointing to "build" whatever is in your hand. It is about completing your assignment. It is the process of rethinking who you are, what your position is, where you are going, and how you will impact the lives of people, communities, and nations as Christian marketplace leaders (from CEO to co-workers).  Many people aspire to be in the C-Level (CEO, CIO ,CFO etc.). God want us to be on the G-Level (God Led).

Our Vision: To bridge and unify the work between five fold leaders and Christian marketplace leaders; and to socially, economically, and spiritually impact leaders, communities, businesses, governments, and entertainment.

Our Mission: To bring added value and holistic influence to leaders from all walks of life. To rethink, redefine, and influence the community, church, business, government, education, media, and arts & entertainment industry. To effectively equip leaders serving within their respective fields of influence. To establish accountability standards and strategies in leadership.

To impact communities, cities, and nations with Godly integrity and principles.


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