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The G-Level Christian Marketplace Group is a Christian organization advancing the way Christians view their work life as well as their personal assignment in life. When Christians begin to understand what the bible says about the value of the “workplace”, we can then effectively bring the added value that God has given us through our spiritual gifts, Wisdom, Understanding and a Spirit of Excellence to sit at all tables of planning and all areas of influence.


G-Level was launched as a Facebook group. We are now led in 2019-20 to formally organize with marketplace/ministry leaders to come alongside them to provide relevant content on faith, the marketplace and economics.


Whether you are a doctor, lawyer, student, business leader or homemaker, we welcome you here and pray that the resources and materials provided are both relevant and impactful.

By joining this MEMBERSHIP we believe that what you are doing is Kingdom work and we want to support you in any way that we are able.


Once you SUBSCRIBE, pay your MEMBERSHIP FEE you will receive  1) A G-Level Membership Certificate 2) A "Welcome Prophetic Blessing" from Dr. Cheryl A. Hill 3) A free monthly E-book, and you may choose from any of the TOOL KITS on the Launch Pad page (on this website). You will receive notification of our G-Level Conference Calls and have access to our experts. For any project that you are working on, we will work with you for 6 months. Everything is designed to assist you with your walk into your assignment in the marketplace and ministry.


Our focus is to:


  • Provide personal ministry/development opportunities (one on one)

  • Provide collaborative opportunities

  • Assist with personal/ministry work & life strategies

  • Provide qualified experts

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