Our focus for 2019 is to assist a small clinic in Asaba, Nigeria in building their capacity and to bring added value to their health professionals.


We will supply equipment and supplies. 

 You may DONATE both financially and through in-kind donations. 




The G-Level experts are training marketplace, business and ministry leaders in the areas of global collaboration, ethics, integrity, capacity building and protocols.


Our teams of experts will do training in the U.S. and African countries. Our expert Facilitator is Ms. Suzette Salandy. 



Be a part of bringing joy to the lives of many children both in the United States and Africa. It will only cost $19.99 per child to give them a great time during the Christmas season.

Each child will get at least 6-10 items, (depending on the size of the gift) a letter and a scriptural word of hope. 

Emerging Designers Workshop in Asaba Nigeria

Our G-Level Stylist will work with emerging Designers in Asaba Nigeria. The workshop will include a global perspective on collaboration, finishing, style and networking.


Danielle Branchel (DannyB) will be our key facilitator. Danielle is quickly becoming a celebrity stylist and continues to be a humble servant. G-Level will be in Nigeria at the end of 2019. 

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